Educase Review - Why IT matters to Higher Education
Takes a broad look at current developments and trends in information
technology, how they may affect the college/university as an institution, and
what these mean for higher education and society. The online version comprises
more comprehensive coverage, with the content of the print magazine plus
peer-reviewed articles, practical advice and guidance, interactive elements, and
multimedia about managing and using information resources in higher education.
Ideas Lab
Aims to challenge the way we think about learning and teaching, and find new
ways to take technology into the classroom.
See White paper on Collective Knowledge Construction pedagogy and 2012 Big Ideas
Thirteen Ed Online (A New York based TV channel)
Concept to Classroom is an online series of FREE, award-winning professionaldevelopment workshops covering important and timely topics in education. The
workshops are intended for teachers, administrators, librarians, or anyone
interested in education -- and there's no technical expertise required