English Curriculum 1, UWA, Assistant Professor Elaine Sharplin (6488 2368)

Key dates and assessments:

  • Lesson Plan: due Week 5, Monday 25th March (before 5pm) = 30%
  • Programme: due Week 9, Monday 6th May = 60%
  • Professional conduct: throughout = 10%
Other to do:
  • Write up professional statement - will form part of ? which assessment - by next week (5th March) incorporate type of English teacher you are?
  • Micro-teaching of 1 of the readings in Week 8, topic Microteaching, 2nd April

Teaching Points- advice given during modelling of teaching in practice.
Toolkit of Teaching Strategies - a range of strategies for engaging your students in teaching.

Week 1: Towards a definition of English and the Australian and Curriculum Framework: English learning area statements (25 Feb)