Jigsaw Strategy
Bennett & Bennett
  • Ensure students have read content
  • Helps students to consolidate their understanding of the content
  • Gets students sharing, talking and putting their understanding into their own works.
  • Set reading task and create reading sections and templates for summaries;
  • Instruct students on expectations up front – to read their section, become experts and then represent your reading in a certain way to other mixed groups. (from 6 in expert group to 3 sharing different parts).
  • Organise groups, ensure enough for class numbers and match to topic
  • When groups split and join other expert groups, number 1-5
  • Allocate timing and monitor groups as they move through the process of the jigsaw
EG: organisational structure – based on readings
  • Create time line strategy – major shifts in English reading theory
  • Use of a visual representation from the reading to group meaning.
  • Templates for structuring summaries/understanding
  • Reading materials
Speaking and listening: Use of texts, conventions, processes and strategies.