Madeline Hunter's - Lesson Design Elements

4 Key Elements of Effective Lesson Design
  • Sharing the objectives, purpose:
    • create the relevance/reason for the learning,
    • creating the mental set (that is getting the students tuned into/ready to think about the topic;
    • In my mind similar to providing them with a concept map or overall contextual understanding of what we are doing and how it is connected. (i.e used the anticipatory and pre/post discussion of a topic)
  • Provide the input or information about the topic to help build understanding
    • Could be online content or modelling of what the requirements look like
  • Incorporate opportunities to check for understanding:
    • Can be through observation or through a discussion or through a formal assessment;
    • Can be through providing opportunities to put learning into practice both guided and unguided;
  • Closure/Reflection
    • Where learning is consolidated and jelled together
    • Recall of key points, take out and use