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Notetaking template

Source (title, author, publication):

Table of Contents

Abstract notes:

Title: Great White Shark,

Published by: World Wildlife Fund


Subject focus: Should GWS be a protected species.

Abstract notes:

Position in ecosystem:

  • Efficient predator ("skilled hunter" - seals squid, whales)
  • Top of food chain
  • Enemies - killer whale (competitor), human (sport, occ. food, fear)
  • Status = "indicator of the sea's health" -> if threatened, then whole marine world also in danger (Use this quote in the introduction)

Physical features:

  • Adult females mature at 14-16 yrs (7m.+)
  • Adult males " " 10-12 " (5m.+)
  • Slate grey or olive brown, line separates dark upper from white lower surfaces
  • Gestation 1 yr+; litters of 7-9 pups


  • Thruóut temperate marine waters of the world (incl. S.Africa, Aus., NZ, Japan, W.Coast, Medit.)
  • Esp. near seal pops.
  • Total nos. unknown

Current threats:

  • Only 1 nat. enemy - orca/killer whale
  • Human predators - trophy/food/fear

WWF Projects:

  • Researching nos./habitats in Mediterranean - help lobby
  • Funds to Shark Trust est. 1996 -> wkg to protect sharks


  • Follow up:
    • Shark numbers (find estimates for Australian waters if possible)
    • Shark Trust (see if they have a website - could be useful)