See links to template that covers off on source, purpose, steps, resources, strands and recommendations in use of the activities.

Jigsaw activity
A set reading piece or pieces are assigned to to different groups who are tasked with becoming the specialists in what the piece of text is about so that they can covey it to others.
After being given time to work as a group to to develop a joint understanding of the piece they have been assigned, they are then asked to regroup with others from other topic areas and to share
their expert knowledge with them. Elaine had 3 expert groups break up into 6 sharing groups with three members on each. Not deemed necessary to recap as a classroom on discussions.
Reading Summary Template
This activity was supported through the creation of 2 templates to help guide and focus the summary of the content in two of the pieces assigned. Especially good if the content is very dense and so need
to help focus the organisation of ideas. For the third piece of reading she suggested the group use mind-mapping techniques - pulling out the key concepts.
In week 2, we used the poetry structure of the acrostic on the word ENGLISH to recap on some of the understandings about what is English teaching about. Group work to come up with the best one that was then going to be read out (so students know expectations). Liked my alternating of the acrostic. Had her own example to share.
Talking board
Set up a board with different start points (4 or 5 depending on group size), around it were topics to be discussed (can be personal or topic based). Each person in group then took a turn to talk about themselves or the topic based on where their counter landed on the board.